Services to match your needs.

We at Murderfuck pride ourselves on our diversified functionality and industry-specific knowledge base. Our result-driven mindset means that you will be able to benefit from our world-class talent and high-level network of like-minded professionals.

Murderfuck is an umbrella for our targeted divisions, such as Murderfuck Consulting, Murderfuck Talent Management, Murderfuck Games, Murderfuck Adoption Services, and Murderfuck Soft Drinks (creators of Rimjob Cola&trade). We always have the right people for you, at rates that fit your budget.

Our network of experts features paradigm-shifting luminaries in fields such as:

  • Corporate Renewal
  • Growth Strategies
  • Leadership
  • Web Development
  • Ethnic Percussion
  • Game Design
  • Avocado Ranching
  • Amphetamine Distribution
  • Goats
  • Database Architectures
  • Informatics
  • E-Commerce
  • Green Slavery
  • Math
  • Aural Sex
  • Scientology
  • Breeding Rituals
  • Adobe Flash
  • Military Contracting
  • Genital Torture
  • Ghost Whispering
  • Packaging Science
  • Glassblowing
  • ... And more!