We are Murderfuck.

Here at Murderfuck, we use creative solutions to offer only the best service to our clients - whether it's proactively actualizing your communication channels or globalizing your intellectual capital. Our promise is to deliver scalable quality vectors to streamline your ROI.

We synergize with broad-based commercial assets and industry professionals to create a cross-functional, customer-driven platform for emerging technologies on a market-based level. With Murderfuck, you'll be able to push the envelope of reliable service offerings and live outside the box.

What Our Clients Think

  • "Thanks to Murderfuck, we were able to make our game plan more flexible and attain a global outreach in our product market." - William J. Meatman, CEO, Paradigm Enterprises
  • "Murderfuck was able to consolidate our entire creative work staff and hire on a grad student who killed himself right after our project shipped, saving us loads of cash. Thanks, Murderfuck!" - Dave, Accounting
  • "I have no clue what they do, but it scares my boss off so they're alright with me." - Max Cutler, Professional Kitty
  • "This soda tastes like a god damn rimjob." - Steve Streza